How She Did It, book by Molly Huddle and Sara Slattery
The interview transcript, as it appears on their website

Released April 2022

“Starting Line 1928,” collection of oral histories.  Jacqueline Hansen interview by Cara Hawkins 2022 

At the 2022 Boston Marathon Expo, interviewed by journalist Barbara Huebner:

Boston Expo Interview 2022

Jacqueline is featured in the story of Joan Benoit Samuelson found on Audible in “Miles to Go” by Peter McDonnell.  Released March 2022. Here is a link to the series on Audible.

Charlotte Richardson, Women’s Running Coaches Collective, November 2020





2020 Boston Marathon Expo:  The Women Running Pioneers





Deirdre Fitzpatrick, KCRA – podcast Dying to Ask




Carrie Tollefson podcast – March 2020

Asics 2020 LA Marathon Expo interview with Carrie Tollefson and Jacqueline Hansen

Richard Lucas’ podcast “no gradient” – December 2017

Running Academy podcast “2014 Boston Marathon Recap and Reflections”

Running Academy podcast 2014 “Jacqueline Hansen: From Curiosity to Champion”

Boston Marathon 2014: Live Report to Hawaii News Broadcast

Jacqueline presents at the 2013 Napa Valley Marathon “Marathon College” – “Women’s Marathon Movement,” with Joan Benoit Samuelson, Nina Kuscsik, Lorraine Moller, and Joe Henderson.

Jacqueline Hansen