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Richard Lucas’ podcast “no gradient” – December 2017
“Jaqi Hansen Going the Distance”

LMU This Week (October 2017)

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LA Register News (April 2014):
(Article temporarily unavailable)

March – April 2014, Runner Academy Podcasts:

Note:  (12-31-17) Runner Academy resides at
Here are the links to the two podcasts I did for Matt  Johnson, and you may need an app to listen. 

“2014:  Boston Marathon Recap and Reflections”

“Jacqueline Hansen: From Curiosity to Champion.”

Late December 2013, from Runners World:  (a community blog post and book review extraordinaire)

Jacqueline Hansen: Runner, Pioneer, Hero. | Runner’s World Community

December 2013: Argonaut News –

Coaching-St Bernard Vikings2013


“Going the Distance”  regarding coaching at St.Bernard High School and working at LMU.



JQ-Joanie_NapaV_Mara2013cropFrom Mark Winitz, the story of the 2013 Napa Valley Marathon College – the Women’s Marathon History:

September-October Issue of Cal Track News (page 18)

July-August Issue of Cal Track News (page 12)


Here is the link to view the entire taped presentation:

NVM Marathon College 2013

April 2013:

Topanga Messenger

Palisadian Post (temporarily unavailable)

From the Loyola Marymount newspaper, the “Loyolan:”

Runner alum a ‘pioneer for women’s rights’ – Los Angeles Loyolan _ News

From Nicole Nazarro:

From Amby Burfoot, Runners World:


Archives of Earlier Years:

L A Free Press 1973

Feminine Fitness, by Mario Machado, 1973

Long Distance Running News 1974

Runners World December 1975

Runners World, by Jon Sutherland, 1975

UCLA Archives Photo:

Jacki Hansen ucla archived photo





Honolulu Marathon 1975






Sports Illustrated Article – January 1976

SI (page 56-57)

Women’s Conference – Houston, TX 1977

WomenSports – February 1977

Sporting Times 1978

“50 Miles By Track,” Rich Benyo, 1978

Running Times – May 1980

Cleveland Marathon Article

“Olympic Marathon is Now Open to Women,” by Jacqueline Hansen, Running Times, 1981

“Second Running Revolution,”  Running – June 1982

First Women's Olympic Marathon Trials, May 1984, Olympia, WA
First Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials, May 1984, Olympia, WA

Story of the women’s first Olympic Marathon US Trials:

“History in the Making:  Only in Oly, Runner’s World, July 1984

“Women Make Their Own Way,” by Jacqueline Hansen, Runners World Marathoning, 1984

“Top Ten Women Marathoners,” Runners World Marathoning 1984

WomenSports, by Jacqueline Hansen, 1984


“Back in the Chase” US Olympic Festival 1987, Randy Harvey, LA Times

“When the Olympic Festival Needs a Distance Runner, the Call Goes to a Very Reluctant 38-Year Old” 1987

Racing `Mom` A Real Battler – Chicago Tribune 1987

“Long Distance Calling:  Jacqueline Hansen Connects with Laszlo Tabori to Break Running Barriers” 1988

Runners World 1990 – Masters World Champion

Running Times 1990

Palisades Post Articles 1996

Boston Globe: 1992 Boston Marathon (96th)

St. Monica High School 1997

Santa Monica Outlook, re: Jacqueline 1999

Santa Monica Outlook, re: Wilt Chamberlain, 1999

Western Hemisphere Marathon, Culver City 2001

Deseret News:  Marathoner Backs Ski Jumpers 2007

Marathon & Beyond: The Women’s Marathon Movement (Jan-Feb 2013 issue)

The History of the International Runner’s Committee:

IRC-posterIRC Newsletters Part 1 of 2

IRC Newsletters Part 2 of 2

The story of the International Runners Committee Olympic lawsuit:





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