UCLA Orthopaedic Team

It is now the third anniversary of my first knee replacement surgery, and nearly the one-year anniversary of my shoulder replacement, with the second knee somewhere in between, plus a total of at least 22 consecutive months of physical therapy.  Who’s counting?  I want to acknowledge and express my gratitude for my incredible team of doctors at UCLA Orthopaedic, Santa Monica.  They include Dr. Aurelia Nattiv who is both my osteoporosis and orthopaedic doctor, Dr. Eric Zeegen (both knee surgeries) and Dr. Andy Jensen (shoulder).

I consider the attached article and exquisitely done video a graduation present for all the years now behind me.  Indeed, it feels celebratory,  Thank you to Simi Singer, journalist, and Milo Mitchell, videographer, for telling the story so well.

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The video is within the article.

“She – like the new shoulder joint she received – must be made of steel to have powered through the weeks before the surgery,” he said. “She made a wonderful recovery – and it was great to share this victory with her.”

Jacqueline Hansen