WRCC Podcast with Charlotte Richardson

One observation I’ve made in this stranger-than-fiction year, I’ve been interviewed for more podcasts and Zoom calls in the past eight months than in my entire life.

This one stands alone in a very unique way.  Charlotte (Lettis) Richardson and I have been friends since the time we met at the finish line of the NY Mini-Marathon in 1975.  Our lives have been interwoven, now and then, ever since.  Most recently, we reunited at the celebration of the 35th anniversary of the first women’s Olympic Trials Marathon in Olympia, WA.

It seems that both of us found our niche coaching high school runners.  Charlotte took a major step in forming an organization to support and promote more women to become coaches, the Women’s Running Coaches Collective (WRCC).

What an extraordinary interview she prepared for their podcast — what superb questions and what a grand conversation we had between two old friends.  It was fun to revisit the great race we had that fateful day in 1975 like we were destined to become friends with the bond we shared in a near-tie performance (it’s a really good story)!  (see photos below)

We talked so long, the podcast was divided into two parts.  Get comfortable and enjoy it!
The Women’s Running Coaches Collective Podcast can be found on Spotify & Apple or go to their website:
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Charlotte Richardson with Jacqueline Hansen





NY Times Mini-Marathon May 1975

Jacqueline Hansen