Museum of World Athletics


“Hansen Donates Shoes to Museum of World Athletics”

Announcement from MOWA re:  donation

Imagine my joy and gratitude to be honored in this way.  I am grateful to my coach, Laszlo Tabori for making all things possible throughout my running career.  I am grateful to my late husband. Tom, who had the forethought to retire my world record shoes and preserve them for future use.   I am ever so grateful to Chris Turner and World Athletics for giving my shoes a permanent home.   A special thanks to Simon Turnbull for writing my story exquisitely.   My heart is full.

I cordially invite you to visit the Virtual Museum of World Athletics.  I believe this represents the first sport to have a virtual version of their brick-and-mortar museum.  It is wonderful to browse through this site.   Link:



Jacqueline Hansen