Boston 2013 – one week later

Today is Monday, April 22, 2013

I am feeling very mixed emotions.  For one, I am at home and very ill.  I suppose it is the stress of traveling and the obvious mega-stress of the events of last week.   I shared the moment of silence declared in Boston today.  I ordered “Boston Stands as One” training shirts, as a reminder of our vow to return next year for me and my associate dean who wants to go with me. 

I am enjoying somewhat celebrity status with interviews, and the recognition at last night’s department end-of-year dinner.  I am pleased to be recognized and appreciated.  I am humbled, however, by those less fortunate than I am at this moment.  I wonder how to reach out and help those who are going to have a long road to recovery.  I pray for those families who lost loved ones and others who have sustained substantial injuries. I am investigating appropriate charity funds and groups to refer friends to who want to help.

I am not training yet, but instead trying to recover from whatever ails me, and I feel worse than I have in years.  But I will rebound.I love this photo of a banner that is hanging in Boston today: 


Associate Dean, LMU-SOE, Kathy Ash with Jacqueline
Associate Dean, LMU-SOE, Kathy Ash with Jacqueline


Today, I am also pleased to have sent the final draft of my book off to the official proof-reader for final corrections before publishing.  The time draws nearer.  The title is appropriately “A Long Time Coming:  Running through the women’s marathon revolution.”

From today’s school newspaper, the Loyolan:

Note:   As of Saturday, April 28th, it is 11 months and 24 days until Boston Marathon 2014.

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  1. Get well quickly. It’s exciting to hear that your book is basically completed. In some ways it is good that so much time has passed. It is easier to look at everything more objectively.Zola Budd wrote her book long ago. The bitterness over how she was treated was evident throughout.

    When should your book be printed?

    1. Jim,
      The goal is May first. It will be soon, and you’ll be the first to know.
      Thank you for your words of wisdom, Jacqueline

  2. I’m glad that you got some rest today and hope you are feeling better very soon. Love from your big sis!

  3. I live in Carpinteria now and came across your name in the Coastal View. I posted a comment about you and your 1974 world record on both our FB pages. I will never forget the moment you blasted past me at Culver City, looking determined and cute all at once. Steve Close

    1. Thank you Steve,
      I remember that day in Culver City at the Western Hemisphere Marathon like it was yesterday.
      Thanks for the comments about the news article. It’s been my honor coaching your Carpinteria neighbor Charlie Gardner.
      Hope you are well and still running.

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