History Repeated for Women Ski Jumpers

This week’s New York Times Magazine features the US Women’s Ski Jump Team.  Excellent coverage!  They deserve our applause and support as they work towards the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Sochi 2014.  It’s been “a long time coming” for them, just like it was for women distance runners.  In fact, much of their journey parallels our own.  I should add that the ski jumpers followed our IRC (International Runners Committee) lawsuit as their model.   I invite you to read the NYT article and an excerpt from my book.  We have a lot in common, so if you don’t already know the tale, pour a cup of tea, get comfy and sit back for a good read.

From the New York Times: Who Said Girls Can’t Jump?


“First there was the struggle to make women’s ski jumping an Olympic sport. Now the American team just wants to win.” 




“History Repeated”


From my book, “A Long Time Coming:  Running through the women’s marathon revolution” is the chapter about the women ski jumpers from my perspective and early involvement in their story.      


In the NYT article, I can relate to Lindsey Van’s comments about choosing the cause or the cause choosing you.  It wasn’t her choice to be an activist, but she found herself  in the position to make a difference, if only for the sake of the next generation of Olympic hopefuls.  If I could share this speech with her, I would.  It’s one in which I found strength.   I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of the original speech, signed by none other than Gloria Steinem, the recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom  just this week. 


 Once In Your Life - Justice  ” . . . . at the end of your days you will be able to look back and say that once in your life you gave everything you had for justice.”

      From a speech by Jill Ruckelshaus, National Women’s Political Caucus, 1977