Running USA and the Women’s Marathon Movement

Jacqueline & Bob -RUSA-best        This weekend, I was pleased and honored to receive the Running USA organization’s “Women’s Trailblazer Award,” which they define as “an award that goes to a woman who has been a leader and pioneer in the sport and has served the sport with distinction.  In other words, a trailblazer.” 

The award was a secret and  a surprise to the audience, but of course I was informed months ago in order to make plans, and did the best I could to keep the secret.  What I did not know was how surprised I would be at WHO would make the presentation.  Imagine my delight when none other than Bob Larsen, one of the nation’s greatest coaches would do the honors.  This, after his USATF Hall of Fame induction, among other awards, including the Endurance Sports Award earlier in the same Running USA conference.

In my acceptance speech, I relayed my gratitude for this honor and between the two of us, Bob and I  delivered a synopsis of the women’s running history, at least the part I have lived. 

On that note, I want to bring attention to the presentation of the “Women’s Marathon Movement,”  an outcome of the article of the same name I wrote for Marathon & Beyond magazine.  Editor/race director Rich Benyo made this the theme of 2013 Napa Valley Marathon’s “Marathon College” presentation.  I previously posted the virtual transcripts, printed in California Track News, but now there is video coverage available — the entire presentation by Joan Benoit Samuelson, Nina Kuscsik, Lorraine Moller, myself and Joe Henderson as moderator.  I’ve posted it on the “Articles” page as well as the “Keynotes” page of this site.

View the NVM Marathon College 2013 “WOMEN’S MARATHON MOVEMENT” (on YouTube).

Lorraine, Jacqueline, Joan, Nina
Lorraine, Jacqueline, Joan, Nina, at 2013 Napa Valley Marathon