First Women’s Olympic Trials Marathon

Thirty Years Ago . . .

The first-ever USA Olympic Trials for the women’s marathon was held in Olympia, WA.  Re-visiting a prior blogpost, please see History in the Making


“Finally.” That’s what the Nike ad said on the back of the program for the first U.S. Women’s Olympic Trials Marathon. Finally women are included on the Olympic schedule. Finally hundreds of distance runners have a new goal to strive for. And finally the day for U.S. team selection had arrived.  Read more . . . History in the Making

From Olympia, May 2014, is the story  “30 Years Ago, Olympia Played Host to Running History” by Eric Wilson-Edge:  and he concludes “History never really goes away.  The men and women who organized and participated in the 1984 Olympic Trials carried the flame for the next generation.  Their spirit is in every footfall of every runner coming down the street.”

Pre-race celebration of pioneers in women's long distance running.
Olympia, 1983:  Pre-race celebration of pioneers in women’s long distance running.