Cross-Training in Pursuit of Excellence

Florence, Italy: Marco, training for the Warsaw Marathon


To follow up last month’s post . . . OK, two months ago, but who’s counting?  Life’s too busy!  I’m proud and pleased to report that those two injured athletes I advise followed the advice,  healed nicely, and are enjoying excellent results.

kimchinqueeusatnationalsAfter her foot injury earlier in the summer, Kim of New York pursued her cross-training by “pool-running,” but in a lake (which sounded really cold and wild at times).  Mostly, she logged lots of non-impact mileage on her ElliptiGOall this in her personal pursuit of excellence.   Between all the cross-training, on top of her teaching and successful writing career,  — Kim pulled off a great personal victory at her target goal triathlon:  rocking her USAT Age Group Nationals competition!  Congrats Kim! You’re a rock star!


Marco runningThe athlete in Italy I mentor, Marco in Florence, is one month out from his marathon on his birthday — September 28, at the Warsaw Marathon, where he will celebrate turning 42 by running 42 km!  He’s fairly new to marathoning, as he shares in his picturesque blogpost (picturesque both in word and picture):

After suffering a foot injury similar to Kim’s,  in early summer, pool-running and riding his new ElliptiGO  have saved the day, plus his training and his marathon.  Good work Marco!  You’re going to rock this!