RIP Troubadour Leonard Cohen


“Cohen was never a rock and roll satyr or a pop dreamboat; his appeal lay in the aura of experience and sophistication that came, in part, because he was a writer before he was a pop troubadour.”

From Ann Powers, NPR:

Here is a comprehensive look at Leonard Cohen’s life from “Brain Pickings” —

There Is a Crack in Everything, That’s How the Light Gets In: Leonard Cohen on Democracy and Its Redemptions









To hear one of his last interviews go to (Robert Hilton, NPR):

Ari Shapiro, NPR, talks about The Enduring Legacy of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah.’

Of course, there is arguably his most memorable song, ‘Suzanne.”

To read even more about Leonard Cohen, visit his website . . . . . . . .


With Joni Mitchell, 1967