Summer Vacation 2012 – Culver Academies Running Camp


It’s been an amazingly fun summer, with obviously no free time for writing blogs, unfortunately.  I live in awe of those who write and write and write on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, I need more time just to get enough sleep.  However, I need to record the events of summer, just like returning to school in the Fall and having a teacher ask for a report on “how you spent your summer vacation.”

It began with a trip to Indiana via Chicago for the Culver Academies High School Distance Running Camp.  The camp is the brainchild of founder Joe Mendelson and is currently directed under the expertise of Camp Director, Dana Neer.  He has succeeded in attracting over 200 runners, and (a good problem) had to place over 100 of them on a waiting list.  This is a great sign of success!  I was pleased to return to Culver, where I coached at their first three camps, but have been on hiatus for a few years.  It is one of the most beautiful campuses in the country and an idyllic camp setting — lakeside, with  bike paths and green fields (including a golf course) for lots of shady running in the summer heat.  The facilities are superb – with an indoor pool and fitness center, a huge cafeteria, and rooms to accommodate our 100+ campers for teaching sessions.  The counselors were terrific with the high school runners — most of all of whom were housed in on-campus dorms.  Frank Shorter and I presided as head coaches for most of the sessions, including evening fireside chats by the lakefront.

The campers were all high school age, and mostly experienced runners from all over the state of Indiana, including state champions.  The counselors were too — some of whom graduated Culver Academies and are currently in universities.  All the counselors were exemplary role models for the younger high school athletes.

My home and my room!