How She Trained

Tonight, my recent interview on Japanese radio in Honolulu aired on the internet.  There was much discussion about my training methods.  As well, ever since my coach Laszlo’s biography came out in English this summer, my friends and colleagues have expressed an interest in what interval workouts I was doing in all my years with him.

I do have over 30 years of running journals, but I have selected the two years of my best marathon performances to transcribe.  They are on my “Coaching” page along with the training schedules I prescribe for my marathon-running friends.  I also include some descriptors of the jargon used in the workout schedules.

There are occasional notes about injuries and illnesses that affected the workouts and races, but for the most part, I’ve separated out the stories for my (eventual) book of memoirs.  Thank you to those have been encouraging me to publish, and thank you for patience.  Life is busy and I only wish I had the luxury of time to simply write.

The two years of workouts are:

YEAR 1974 (JHansenJournal1974)

A year highlighted by competing in the first Women’s International Marathon Championships, hosted by Dr. Van Aaken in Waldniel, West Germany.  It was my third marathon, and my first time dipping under three hours, finishing first American.  It was followed by my first marathon world record performance in December of the same year, running 2:43:55.

YEAR 1975 (JHansenJournal1975)

A year highlighted by running the first sub-2:40 women’s marathon performance in Eugene in October, followed by a win at the Honolulu Marathon in December.

Workout language (JHansen_Training_descriptors)